As Good As The First Time

As Good As The First Time

K. M. Jackson

Pub: October 30, 2018

Dafina Books


When Olivia Gale gets fired and dumped all in the same day she jumps at the chance to get out of New York City. Her aunt needs help at the family bakery, Goode n’ Sweet, back down south in Sugar Lake, and a little indulgence in her pie-making hobby is exactly the pick-me-up Olivia needs so she can get her life back on track. She can’t afford to be distracted – not by her sour relationship with her younger sister, or the success of her short-lived baking career, or how well-suited Liv is to life in the sweet southern town. But the biggest distraction of all is Clayton Morris, firefighter, single dad, and the boy next door. Clayton has grown from the young boy that first broke Liv’s heart – and Sugar Lake might be a sweet place for a second chance…