Eat, Drink and Remarry

MR. RIGHT #1: A financier who “did deals”
MR. RIGHT #2: A fourth-generation German-Jewish funeral director
MR. RIGHT #3: A handsome, Ivy League–educated, award-winning actor
MR. RIGHT #4: Dr. Perfect, a cardiothoracic surgeon (and the official keeper)

Being an advice columnist means you’ve heard it all. What it does not mean is that you get everything right in your own life. Margo Howard, better known as “Dear Prudence,” then “Dear Margo,” can testify to that.

Eat, Drink and Remarry is the charming and candid memoir of a woman who goes from blushing bride to rice-scarred veteran. With wit, humor and 20/20 hindsight she reveals lessons learned from the men in her life. This no-holds-barred account is confirmation that understanding love, and of course people, comes only when we’re ready, and that sometimes it really is possible to start over and get things just right.