A breakout novel from acclaimed writer Stacey D’Erasmo, Wonderland drops us into the life of an indie rock star at that moment when she decides to go all-in or give up on her dreams. Anna Brundage was a sensation. Not a one-hit wonder, but a fast-rising star who hit the top and then walked away for seven years. Now 44, she sells a piece of her famous father’s art to fund one more album and tour, and a last chance to cement her place in the life she chose, the life she struggled for, the life she’s not sure she can sustain. Wonderland takes us deep into that unknown, dreamed-of world—music, fame, and art. It examines the life of a woman on an unconventional path, wondering what happens next and what her passions might have cost her, seeking a version of herself she might recognize. It stares boldly and steps bravely into the wonderland that is the future of anyone facing change.