This book investigates the science behind “big liars”—those rare people who use lies as their principal way of navigating life. Big Liars explores this small but dangerous group through the lens of psychological science. Fascinating new research gives us insight into the nature of dishonesty and dishonest people, explaining who lies, what types of people lie a lot, how often people lie, how big liars are created, how they operate, how we can recognize them, and how we can avoid being victimized by them. This book has crucial implications for mental health treatment, as well as our efforts to grapple with the effects of big liars—and their big lies—on social movements and society as a whole.

Good Enough Parenting

To build healthy and lasting parent-child relationships, parents need practical strategies that meet their child’s needs and the circumstances that affect their families. Written for parents of children from toddlers to teens, this book gives parents a science-based plan to help their children grow up to be emotionally healthy adults. A parent’s job unfolds and shifts over time. Concerns about sleep become worries about tantrums; anxieties about sharing become fears about grades and acting out in school. These concerns are natural, but many parents struggle to handle it all. Some feel drained, some lash out, and some feel like the worst parents in the world. This book might be time to recalibrate. This book aims to help unwind any confusion you may feel as a parent and create greater confidence as you embrace this fulfilling but challenging role.

Being the Change

You can’t take care of the world without taking care of yourself.

Being the Change is written for activists who work in organizations with social missions, and those who are involved in social change outside of their jobs. It provides empirically supported self-care strategies from cognitive behavior therapies and other psychological interventions for coping with the challenges of difficult yet meaningful work.

Although therapy can often help alleviate anxiety or depression, individuals can also apply therapy-based strategies as part of their self-care.

This book is a practical guide that helps readers enhance their ability to be effective agents of change.

Readers will learn how to clarify their values, identify their strengths, manage their emotions and relationships, and incorporate self-care as part of their personal and professional development.

A rich catalog of case examples, exercises, and actionable ideas make this book a comprehensive toolkit for people who want to take their social engagement to the next level in a healthy and productive wa

Keep Your Wits About You

Science tells us that by keeping our brain as healthy as possible, we can optimize our cognitive abilities, mental health, and physical functioning at any age. Healthy behaviors, such as staying physically, mentally, and socially active, maintaining a healthy diet, and getting good sleep, are the most powerful tools we have to maintain healthy brains. This book provides science-based facts and practical tools for the reader to achieve and maintain a healthy brain.