Buzz Books 2023: Fall/Winter

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Buzz Books 2023: Fall/Winter is the 23rd volume in our popular sampler series. This Buzz Books presents passionate readers with an insider’s look more than sixty of the buzziest books due out this season—our largest collection to date. Such major bestselling authors as Naomi Alderman, Yangsze Choo, Kiley Reid, and Tia Williams are featured, along with literary greats Lauren Groff, Sigrid Nunez, Etaf Rum, C Pam Zhang, and more.
Buzz Books has had a particularly stellar track record with highlighting the most talented, exciting and diverse debut authors, and this edition is no exception. Comedian and TV star Cedric the Entertainer’s novel is about close-knit black families and tightly woven communities during the Depression and World War II. Jazmina Barrera, a Mexican nonfiction author, offers her first novel. Two YA authors, Ashley Elston and Emma Noyes, debut their first adult books. Among the others are Isa Arsén, Inci Atrek, Anna Bliss, Kim Coleman Foote , Madeleine Gray, Molly McGhee, Nishita Parekh, and Anise Vance.
Our robust nonfiction section covers such important subjects as addiction, forgiveness, lying, and grief; several memoirs about harrowing childhoods; and a definitive biography of John Lewis.
Finally, we present early looks at new work from young adult authors, including the New York Times bestselling Roshani Chokshi, Jason June and Melinda Salisbury, along with a YA debut by Court Stevens, who is a bookseller at Parnassus Books in Nashville.
Be sure to look out for Buzz Books 2023:Romance, coming in late May.