Time Bridge: Cassie

RomCon Reviews is calling this title the best time travel since Outlander. Hard science fiction meets scorching hot romance in Time Bridge: Cassie, the first book in the Time Bridge series.

All she wants is a peaceful life. To live on her brother’s quiet Wisconsin farm and write romance novels. But one night, fate intervenes and when ex-reporter Cassie Martin overhears a heated argument between two men, her curiosity moves into high gear. A mysterious disappearance? Manipulating time? Cassie has to have answers. Time travel is not possible. Or is it? Aaron Reegan is the head of security at a secret facility in the Wisconsin countryside. When he happens to meet local writer Cassie Martin, sparks fly as they realize they share dark erotic tastes. He never once questions her innocence or her motives. Until the moment he realizes he’s been betrayed. A chance meeting… a technology that makes the Manhattan Project look tame… and suddenly Aaron is chasing Cassie back to fourteenth century France. To save her? Aaron had thought he’d met the woman he was going to spend the rest of his life with. But now, his only choice is to kill her.

Tempt Me With Diamonds

Three friends who met at an elite English boarding school take on the town—and the ton—one by one, in this sparkling new series about love, loss, and lustrous gemstones, from New York Times bestselling author Jane Feather . . . A fine romance… Diana Sommerville seems to have it all—beauty, brains, and vast wealth, thanks to her family’s ownership of a diamond mine abroad. But when her beloved brother dies in battle and leaves a lion’s share of his estate to his best friend, Diana finds herself in a situation that seems scripted for the stage: Sharing her family home with the man she used to love—and now loathes. Worse, her unfaithful former fiancé has already moved in . . .or an excellent fake? Rupert Lacey didn’t expect Diana to take the news without a fight. Still, he didn’t expect her to bring the battle directly to their newly shared doorstep—complete with a full set of trunks, and a full set of orders to the staff. Yet there she is, bold, regal . . . magnificent as ever. Now they would face a formidable challenge: to ignore each other—and the unanswered questions that stood between them. The only sure thing is their still blazing desire. But with a woman like Diana, it will take nothing less than a momentous misunderstanding, a missing prized mare, and a shocking revelation to restore a love that hasn’t lost its shine . . .


The first volume in the Blood Bond Saga.

Vampire Dante Gabriel is starving. What he craves is red gold―human blood. After being held captive as a blood slave to a female vampire for years, he has finally escaped. Unchained at last, he follows his nose to the nearest blood bank to satisfy his hunger.
ER nurse Erin Hamilton expects just another busy night shift…until she finds a gorgeous stranger vandalizing the hospital blood bank. Though her logic tells her to turn him in, she’s pulled by stronger and unfamiliar emotions to protect the man who seems oddly infatuated with her scent. Chemistry sizzles between them, but Dante, plagued by nightmares of his time in captivity, fears he won’t be able to control himself…especially when he discovers a secret she doesn’t even know she’s hiding.
The connection between Erin and Dante grows, and she’s determined to figure out this strange man who seems drawn to her yet distant at the same time. When she pushes Dante for answers, he goes looking for them himself. What he finds could put Erin in mortal danger, with him as her only salvation.

The Memory House

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Wedding Dress comes a new captivating novel of two women whose lives have been destroyed by disaster but find healing in a special house.

On Magnolia Lane

From Denise Hunter, bestselling author of The Convenient Groom and A December Bride (now beloved Hallmark Channel Original movies), comes the final book in the Blue Ridge Romance series.

As Good As The First Time

When Olivia Gale gets fired and dumped all in the same day she jumps at the chance to get out of New York City. Her aunt needs help at the family bakery, Goode n’ Sweet, back down south in Sugar Lake, and a little indulgence in her pie-making hobby is exactly the pick-me-up Olivia needs so she can get her life back on track. She can’t afford to be distracted – not by her sour relationship with her younger sister, or the success of her short-lived baking career, or how well-suited Liv is to life in the sweet southern town. But the biggest distraction of all is Clayton Morris, firefighter, single dad, and the boy next door. Clayton has grown from the young boy that first broke Liv’s heart – and Sugar Lake might be a sweet place for a second chance…

In A Badger Way

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Shelly Laurenston follows the explosive success of Hot And Badgered with the second installment in her sizzingly outrageous The Honey Badger Chronicles featuring three snarky sisters who are half human, half honey badger shifter, and fully living their truth. Because honey badgers just don’t give a sh**! So if Stevie wants to cuddle with a Giant Panda shifter, she WILL cuddle him – no matter how much respect and personal space he thinks he deserves. And those sinister military scientists trying to put her honey badger family into lab cages? They have no idea what they’re getting into.


Marlee thought she scored the man of her dreams only to be scorched by a bad breakup. But there’s a new player on the horizon, and he’s in a league of his own…

The Sweetest Thing


In a sweeping and enchanting tale of romance and second chances, Judith McNaught shows us yet again that love is the greatest gift of all and that she truly “is in a class by herself” (USA TODAY). From the sensational #1 New York Times bestselling author of Every Breath You Take and Paradise comes her first new novel in over a decade. 

Corey Foster is the young creative genius and vision behind Foster’s Beautiful Living magazine and the enormous Foster lifestyle empire. While her stepsister Diana handles the business side of things, Corey is responsible for the distinctive look of the magazine. She is just beginning work on the pilot episode of their first wedding-based reality TV show when Diana lands the rights for them to film one of the most glamorous weddings of the year. But there’s a pretty big catch — the weekend will reunite Corey with an old flame. The one who got away. The one who incinerated her heart several years before. 

Their Perfect Melody

With talent, heart, and ambition to spare, the Fernandez sisters have each followed their own unique path, even when it leads to surprising destinations—in life and love . . .
Growing up, Lilí María Fernandez was affectionately known as the family “wild child.” The life of the party, she loved to dance, especially salsa, merengue, and bachata, and often sang beside her father during rehearsals for his trío group. But tragedy and loss have drawn out Lilí’s caretaking side, compelling her to become a victim’s advocate. These days, the special rhythms of the past seem like a distant memory. Until she meets Diego Reyes . . .
A police officer with the Chicago PD, Diego also has a talent for playing classical Spanish guitar. And Lilí soon finds herself inspired by his passion—for the music, for her, and for their shared love of familia and community. Can Diego reignite Lilí’s fun-loving spirit, persuade her to balance work and pleasure—and embrace her wild side once more?