We Are Unprepared

We Are Unprepared

Meg Little Reillly

Pub: August 30, 2016



Ash and Pia, in their mid-30s, uproot themselves from Brooklyn to northeast Vermont seeking a more self-reliant lifestyle. Though Ash is well aware they are something of a hipster cliché, he looks forward to returning to his native state and a simpler life. But, after only a few months, paradise begins to vanish. Strange weather patterns emerge and the government cautiously predicts that a catastrophe could be coming. Ash and Pia begin to prepare along with the rest of the community, but a divide among the citizenry is mirrored in their own household. Ash supports the town’s establishment in its disaster preparedness, but Pia falls in with radical “preppers” who want to move off the grid. When “The Storm” finally hits, it razes both external and internal landscapes, leaving everything—and everyone—permanently altered.