The Perfect Ruin

The Perfect Ruin

Shanora Williams

Pub: June 29, 2021

Dafina Books


From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Shanora Williams comes a tale of revenge served ice cold––and a warning to be careful what you scheme for. To the world Lola Maxwell is perfection––a gorgeous, giving woman with a heart made of gold. CEO of a popular charity, and owner of a billion-dollar company, she is admired by everyone she knows, especially the elite women and men of South Beach. But there is one thing the world should know about their sweet, sweet Lola––something that proves she is far from being the pure woman they all think she is. Lola dearest is a thief. She stole from Ivy and took something that Ivy will never get back. And now? Well, now Ivy is watching her every move, and it’s just Ivy’s luck that she has no idea who Ivy really is. Ivy’s getting closer to her, volunteering for her charity, joining her gym class, and even getting acquainted with her husband. Soon Ivy will become her best friend and a person she trusts, and once Ivy has her trust, she’ll stop at nothing to ruin the perfect life she built…