Tap Out

Tap Out

Eric Devine

Running Press Teen

In Pleasant Meadows, seventeen-year-old Tony Antioch has learned that survival comes down to one simple formula; keep your head down and your mouth shut. But with a mother who serves as a punching bag for her boyfriends and a meth-dealing biker gang that is hungry for recruits, Tony finds himself in deep without knowing exactly how he got there. Mixed Martial Arts classes provide an escape but may not be all that he needs to break a seemingly endless and hopeless cycle. Tony has the blood and guts, but is it enough to give him the glory of living his own life freely?

Tap Out is at once gritty, powerful, and unapologetic, and offers an honest look into one teen’s struggle to break the cycle and carve a path of his own choosing.

2013 Young Adult Library Service Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Readers