Life Among Giants

Life Among Giants

Bill Roorbach


At seventeen, David “Lizard” Hochmeyer is nearly seven feet tall, a star quarterback, and Princeton-bound. His future seems all but assured until his parents are mysteriously murdered, leaving Lizard and his older sister, Kate, adrift and alone. Over the months, years, and decades that follow, Lizard and Kate are obsessed with piecing together the motives behind the deaths, returning time and again to their father’s missing briefcase, his shady business dealings and shaky finances, and to a famous ballerina who has threaded her way into Lizard’s and Kate’s lives. A wildly entertaining novel of murder, seduction, and revenge—rich in incident, in expansiveness of character, and in lavishness of setting—it’s a Gatsby-esque adventure, a larger-than-life quest for answers that reveals how sometimes the greatest mystery lies in knowing one’s own heart.


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