The start of a contemporary international thriller series, by real-life ex–CIA operative Valerie Plame—author of the New York Times bestseller Fair Game—and suspense writer Sarah Lovett.

Valerie Plame’s career as a CIA operative was cut short when her cover was blown by George W. Bush’s White House. Now, after dedicating herself to protecting the nation from its enemies, Plame turns to fiction with suspense writer Sarah Lovett—delivering all the knowledge, experience, and authenticity only they can bring to the page. In Blowback, the first book in a major new series, undercover CIA agent Vanessa Pierson tries to pinpoint just who is building a nuclear weapon in Iran—and how this shadowy figure has discovered the identities of several of her sources and had them assassinated. And she’s getting closer, putting her cover and her career—and her life—at risk.

With locales spanning from Washington, D.C., to Vienna to Prague to Tehran, Blowback marks the beginning of the hunt for terrorist Bhoot, the world’s most notorious dealer of black-market WMDs, and the villain Vanessa Pierson devotes her life to capturing, dead or alive.