In Osaka, two strangers, Jake and Mariko, miss their flight, and over dinner discover they have both brutally lost loved ones whose paths crossed with a beguiling woman no one has laid eyes on since.

Following the traces this woman left behind, Jake gathers testimonies from other troubled souls who encountered her across the years, and lands on a sculptor in Taos County, New Mexico. She knows the woman better than anyone—and might just hold the key to who, or what, she is. Part horror, part western, part thriller, Old Soul is a wildly innovative and fearlessly bold genre-defying tale that explores vulnerability, loss, and predation, spanning centuries and crossing the globe, and is ultimately a moving portrait of love and the will to live.

The Incarnations

Hailed as “China’s Midnight’s Children” (The Independent) a “brilliant, mind-expanding, and wildly original novel” (Chris Cleave) about a Beijing taxi driver whose past incarnations over one thousand years haunt him through searing letters sent by his mysterious soulmate.