Confidence is a thrilling, brainy caper about scams and a viciously funny takedown of the American Dream. Lifelong friends, sometimes lovers and constant con men Ezra and Orson find themselves on top of the world after founding NuLife, a company that promises instant enlightenment to its users. They launch NuLife, which is essentially a global new-age pyramid scheme and a total sham, with Orson at its center. As the two men con their way from the street, from selling weed at reform camp, to the C-suite, by convincing rich investors they’ve found a way to adjust the internal human happiness thermometer, their company goes public and they become too big to fail—until the FBI closes in on them. Confidence is an exploration of all sorts of cons, from the con of love—the way we put our blind trust into someone else’s hands—to the cons inherent to capitalism and the American Dream. This is, above all else, a story of a deep and all-consuming friendship between two men. Our narrator, Ezra, is deeply in love with the magnetic and charming Orson. However, Orson may be unknowable, and Ezra may be unwittingly conning himself.