Just What Kind of Mother Are You?

Lisa Kallisto—an overwhelmed working mother—is the not-so-perfect model of the modern woman. She holds down a busy job running the local animal shelter, she cares for three demanding children, and she worries that her marriage is not getting enough attention. During an impossibly hectic week, Lisa takes her eye off the ball for just a moment, and her whole world descends into a living nightmare. Not only is her best friend’s thirteen-year-old daughter missing, but it is all Lisa’s fault. And to make matters worse, Lucinda is the second teenage girl to disappear in the past two weeks. The first one turned up stripped bare and abandoned on the main street after a horrible ordeal. Wracked with guilt over her mistake, and having been publicly blamed by Lucinda’s family, Lisa sets out to right the wrong. But as she begins digging under the surface, Lisa learns that everything is not quite what it first appears to be. In Paula Daly’s heart-stopping and heartbreaking debut novel, motherhood, marriage, and friendship are tested when a string of horrifying abductions tear through a small-town community. Just What Kind of Mother Are You? is a gut-wrenching thriller and a shrewd examination of family life—and the deception that can lie beneath