Under The Dome by way of The Last of Us, as told around a beach bonfire with Stephen Graham Jones, Nicholas Belardes’s debut novel is an eco-horror book for our modern day. In a small, seaside town, what starts as a simple social media phenomenon gives way to a horrifying truth. People are not just, “deading,” aka taking disturbing pretend photos of their corpses: they are actually dying and returning. . . different with an agenda all their own. As the surrounding wildlife is strangely transformed by an unnatural contagion and the town comes under quarantine, those few who have not been infected and changed must find a way to survive, escape, or die trying. At points claustrophobic and haunting, soulful and melancholic, The Deading lyrically explores the disintegration of society, the horror of survival and adaptation, and the unexpected solace found through connections in nature and between humans.