The Thousandth Floor

New York City, 2118. A thousand-story tower has been built in the middle of Manhattan, with every amenity imaginable—at least, for the wealthy living at the top. But even in this world of unimaginable luxury, life isn’t perfect. Rylin Myers lives on the lower floors and is struggling to make ends meet, any way she knows how. Leda Cole can’t tell her perfect friends she spent the summer at rehab, or what sent her there in the first place. Watt Bakradi finds himself the center of the tower’s elite social scene, with the help of an illegal A.I. he designed. Eris Dodd-Radson defines herself by her wealth but discovers that might not last forever. And the genetically perfect Avery Fuller who lives in the thousandth floor penthouse is hiding a terrible secret that could be her undoing.

The Thousandth Floor is a sumptuous, juicy series that follows all the drama, romance and hidden secrets that have these teens teetering on the edge of their perfect lives.