Truth In Advertising

In the spirit of Then We Came to the End and This Is Where I Leave You, Truth in Advertising is a wickedly funny, honest, and poignant novel about the absurdity of corporate life, the complications of love, and the meaning of family. Finbar Dolan is lost and lonely. Except he doesn’t know it. Despite escaping his blue-collar Boston upbringing to carve out a mildly successful career at a Madison Avenue ad agency, he’s a bit of a mess and closing in on 40. He’s recently canceled a wedding. Now, a few days before Christmas, he’s forced to cancel a long-awaited vacation to write, produce, and edit a Superbowl commercial for his diaper account in record time. Unfortunately, it gets worse. At the same time, he learns that his long-estranged and once-abusive father has fallen ill. And that neither of his brothers or his sister intend to visit. Ultimately, his father’s death is a wake-up call for Fin to re-evaluate the choices he’s made, admit that he’s falling for his co-worker Phoebe, question the importance of diapers in his life, and finally tell the truth about his life and his past.