Natchez Burning

Natchez Burning is the first installment in an epic trilogy that weaves crimes, lies, and secrets past and present into a mesmerizing thriller featuring southern mayor and former prosecutor Penn Cage. Raised in the historic splendor of Natchez, Mississippi, Penn learned all he knows of honor and duty from his father, Dr. Tom Cage. But now the beloved family doctor and pillar of the community is accused of murdering Viola Turner, the African-American nurse with whom he worked in the dark days of the early 1960’s. Once a crusading prosecutor, Penn is determined to save his father, and his quest for the truth sends him deep into his father’s past, where a sexually charged secret lies waiting to tear the Cage family apart. More chilling, this long-buried sin is only one thread in a conspiracy of greed and murder involving the Double Eagles, a vicious sect of the KKK controlled by some of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the state. Penn uncovers a trail of corruption and brutality that places his family squarely in the Double Eagles’ crosshairs, and forces him to confront the most wrenching dilemma of his life: does a man of honor choose his father or justice?