All That’s Bright And Gone

Fans of Jodi Picoult and Fredrik Backman will fall for this tenderhearted debut mystery about a six-year-old’s quest to save her family.
There’s plenty about grownups that six-year-old Aoife doesn’t understand. Like why her big brother Theo went away and what it will take to bring her Mama home from the hospital. Her Uncle Donny says she just needs to be patient, but Aoife’s sure her Mama won’t be able to come home until Aoife learns what really happened to her brother. The trouble is no one wants to talk about Theo, and Aoife suspects that’s because he was murdered. But by whom?
With her imaginary friend Teddy by her side and the detecting skills of her nosy next door neighbor, Aoife sets out to uncover the truth about Theo and to bring her mother home. But as her search takes her from the banks of Theo’s secret place by the river to the rooftops overlooking Detroit, Aoife will learn that her family isn’t the only one keeping secrets. Sometimes the pain we keep hidden away is the biggest secret of them all.
Driven by Aoife’s heartwarming hope and colored by her vivid imagination, All That’s Bright and Gone illuminates the unshakeable bond between families—and the distances we’ll travel to bring our loved ones home.