Time Bridge: Cassie

RomCon Reviews is calling this title the best time travel since Outlander. Hard science fiction meets scorching hot romance in Time Bridge: Cassie, the first book in the Time Bridge series.

All she wants is a peaceful life. To live on her brother’s quiet Wisconsin farm and write romance novels. But one night, fate intervenes and when ex-reporter Cassie Martin overhears a heated argument between two men, her curiosity moves into high gear. A mysterious disappearance? Manipulating time? Cassie has to have answers. Time travel is not possible. Or is it? Aaron Reegan is the head of security at a secret facility in the Wisconsin countryside. When he happens to meet local writer Cassie Martin, sparks fly as they realize they share dark erotic tastes. He never once questions her innocence or her motives. Until the moment he realizes he’s been betrayed. A chance meeting… a technology that makes the Manhattan Project look tame… and suddenly Aaron is chasing Cassie back to fourteenth century France. To save her? Aaron had thought he’d met the woman he was going to spend the rest of his life with. But now, his only choice is to kill her.