The Spectrum of Hope

Gayatri Devi

Pub: October 31, 2017


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Heather Harpham

Pub: August 1, 2017

Henry Holt

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Mental: Lithium, Love and Losing My Mind

Jaime Lowe

Pub: October 3, 2017

Blue Rider Press

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Love Is Not Enough

Mark Manson

Pub: February 1, 2018

Harper One

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The Kings of Big Spring

Bryan Mealer

Pub: February 6, 2018

Flatiron Books

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Life Detonated

Kathleen Murray Moran

Pub: October 10, 2017


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Where The Past Begins

Amy Tan

Pub: October 17, 2017


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We're Going to Need More Wine

Gabrielle Union

Pub: October 17, 2017

Dey Street Books

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The Inner Life of Animals

Peter Wohlleben

Pub: November 7, 2017


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